iPad Air was recently released and many people are wondering what is so great about it and how it is different than a typical iPad. For starters, it is extremely lightweight which is more comfortable and convenient for those who take their iPad with them everywhere they go. It seems smaller and many are saying the screen is smaller than a regular iPad. But it only looks that way because the bezel was removed from around the edges of the Retina display screen, so while it is thinner and lighter, the screen size is the same. This makes it a 9.7 inch display screen with a 2048 x 1536 resolution.

The iPad Air has touch rejection which is a new feature that recognizes if you are simply resting your thumb on the display while you are holding it, or if you are actually tapping or swiping with your finger. This way your thumb isn’t going to make your iPad respond in ways you hadn’t intended for it to.

The iPad Air is also one of the most powerful iPads released as it has the all new A7 chip. This brings 64 bit desktop class power that is also twice as fast as the last generation in both the graphics and CPU performance. It also has an M7 coprocessor which collected data from a gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass to measure the motion of the iPad for the best performance. This takes some of the power load away from the A7 chip so it can operate even faster.

A Smart cover keeps the iPad protected on the go. The cover is created from one piece of polyurethane and comes in your choice of six colors. Along with protecting the iPad Air, the cover also wakes it up when it’s opened and puts the iPad Air to sleep when it’s closed. There are several different folding positions that make the cover into a stand for reading, typing, viewing or making FaceTime calls. It’s also removable. The Smart case for the Ipad Air works a lot like the cover in how it wakes the iPad Air when it’s opened and puts it to sleep when it’s closed. It also folds to create a stand and comes in the same color choices.

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