There are a variety of ways that you can connect your iPad to your television so you can watch movies, listen to music or play games. The best, but also the most expensive way to do it is with Apple TV so you can use Display Mirroring to replicate your iPad’s display onto your television. You can also stream YouTube, your collection of iTunes videos and music, Netflix and AirPlay apps such as Crackle. AppleTV is wireless which makes it additionally convenient over other options which you need to use cables for.

If your television supports HDMI, you can use an HDMI cable to connect your iPad to your TV in order to transfer HD quality video and sound. This way of connecting your iPad to your television also supports Display Mirroring so even if the app you are using, such as Hulu Plus doesn’t support video output, you can still watch it on your television.

If you don’t have a television that supports HDMI you can still connect your iPad to your TV using composite cables. These do not support Display Mirroring, but they will allow you to watch YouTube videos or NetFlix movies. Finally, you can connect your iPad to your television, and your computer through a VGA adapter that is available at Apple Stores. The VGA adapter does support Display Mirroring although it doesn’t transfer sound. That’s an easy fix though by having external speakers hooked up through the headphone jack.

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