If you need to make sure adult and other inappropriate websites are blocked from your iPad, launch your Settings app from the Home screen of your iPad and then tap on General. Scroll down in General settings and tap on Enable Restrictions  and set a passcode.  Make sure the passcode is something you will remember, or write it down because you will need it later if you want to make any other adjustments.

After you have set a passcode for enabling restrictions in your IPad you can block inappropriate websites by scrolling down to Allowed Content and tap on Websites. At this point you will be able to tap on Limit Adult Content to automatically block adult websites. You will also be able to tap on Add a Website and enter specific websites that you want to have restricted from your iPad under the Never Allow section. Make sure you enter the full URL to the website, such as http://www. __________.com and then tap Done.

If you have a long list of websites that you would like to have restricted from your iPad, it might be easier if you block everything and then just whitelist specific sites that you would like to access. To do this, go back to General settings and under Allowed Content, tap on Websites.  Under Allowed Websites, tap on Specific Websites Only.  You can then add websites you want to allow on your iPad by tapping Add a Website at the bottom of the list of default allowed websites. From that point, tap in the full URL and tap Done.