Many people are making the switch from Android smartphones to iPhone and if you are one of them, you might be wondering what to do to be able to make the most out of your new cellular device. The good news is that you will be able to transfer much of your data from your Android to your new iPhone including some apps, your music, videos, calendars and contacts too. There are some things that won’t be possible to transfer over, but you will notice that you can accumulate new things for you iPhone that you can be very happy about.

Before you do much of anything with your new iPhone, you will want to download iTunes to your computer because you will be able to manage pretty much all of your iPhone through iTunes and will also be able to access and download apps, music, videos and other data. Plus, this is where you sync and back your information up to in case you ever need to have a backup to restore your iPhone with. You can also sync and backup to iCloud as well. iTunes is free and all you need to do is go to the iTunes website and download it.

Before you sell or otherwise let go of your Android, make sure you have synced all of your music and other data to your computer so you can then transfer it over to your iPhone. Along with your data you can sync photos, contacts, apps, calendar, videos, movies and TV shows, and your apps although the apps you have on your Android won’t work on your iPhone, there are many that have an iOS version that you can use for your iPhone.