If your iPad is running slower than normal, or starts out quickly enough, but then starts to slow down after a couple of hours of use it could be that you have a weak Wi-Fi signal, this is the first thing to check on because if you don’t have a good Wi-Fi connection, then finding a better connection should solve the issue.

Your iPad could also be running slow because too much memory or processing power is being used. This happens if too many apps are open or if one app isn’t operating properly. Purging your most recent apps from your iPad’s memory may be all you need to do to speed it back up.

If your iPad is still slow after you have purged the recent app memory, try closing down some of the apps you are running to see if that will help it run faster. To do this, double tap the Home button so the task bar will come up. Then, tap on whatever apps you see there, that you aren’t currently using and hold down the icon until it starts shaking. At that time, a small red circle with a minus sign will appear and you can tap that to close the app.

If your iPad is still slow after you have closed down most or all of the apps that were running, try restarting it. If it is still slow, then see what you can do to get free up space by deleting apps you are no longer using. Game apps take up the most space, so start with those. You can also clear your browsing history and cookies in Safari. Make sure you know your passwords though because when you clear Safari, you will have to log back into any websites that you had logged onto previously.

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