iTunes is an integral part of being able to manage your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and knowing the latest tips and tricks can help you save time and get more done. For example, if you want to add album artwork to your song library, it is very easy to do just by clicking on File, then Library and then Get Album Artwork. Or, you can go to your iTunes Store preferences by clicking on iTunes, then Preferences and then Store. When you are in the Store preferences section, you can enable an option called “Share details about your Library with Apple”. Choosing to enable this option will prompt iTunes to automatically retrieve album covers and additional information related to your library so you don’t have to do it manually.

The quickest and easiest way to build new playlists is to find the songs you want to use and then select them by clicking and holding down on your mouse. From that point you can then drag the song to the right of your screen. When you are dragging the song a sidebar will appear that will allow you to drop each song into the playlist you would like to create.

If don’t always like to click around to get to your iTunes MiniPlayer, you can choose to keep it on top of all windows by going into Advanced Options and clicking on “Keep MiniPlayer on top of all other windows”.

If you would like to quickly and easily create a new iTunes Library you can just hold the Option key and then click on the iTunes icon to start the program. From that point you can choose or create a new music library for each genre of music that you enjoy.

If you have an iTunes Gift Card that you can’t wait to spend, you can redeem it very easily by using your FaceTime camera. All you have to do is click on iTunes Store and then Redeem in the sidebar and get the instructions for how to do this.

If you want to place movies in other categories other than what they are added to by default you can simply right click on them and then choose the Get Info option. From that point, under the Options tab, choose Film, TV Show, and then Music Video from the Media Kind list.

If you can’t find a ringtone or iTunes U in your library, you can adjust that by going to iTunes, then preferences and clicking on General. From that point, make sure both boxes for iTunes U and Tones are checked and then click OK. They should then appear in your library. Ringtones have been renamed as Tones for quite some time now although most people still refer to them as ringtones.

If you can’t stand that the status bar in iTunes is always hidden, you can change that. Just go to View and then click on Show Status Bar or press Command + / to unhide it.

If you really want to get things done fast in iTunes, there are a number of shortcuts you can make use of the following:

  • To Access Music choose Command + 1
  • To Access Movies choose Command + 2
  • To Access TV Shows choose Command + 3
  • To Access Podcasts choose Command + 4
  • To Access iTunes U choose Command + 5
  • To Access Books choose Command + 6
  • To Access Apps choose Command + 7
    • To access the mini player click on the Command, Option and M keys all at the same time.

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