If you are just learning how to cook or love to cook and want to keep up to date and organized with the most delicious recipes, then you will be interested in learning about the top cooking apps for iPad or your other iOS device are available. These apps offer any cook or aspiring chef anything they need to be able to cook like the prose.

Top Cooking Apps are for iPad:

Rachael Ray’s Tasty Bytes is $1.99 and features famous cook Rachael Ray’s best recipes from her magazine, books and television show. There is also some exclusive features that will help you plan parties and special dinners, create a shopping list you can have as a list and one for the market.

Jamie’s Recipes is $4.99 and allows you to choose the recipes you want when you want them. The app features a taster pack of recipes and then there are all new packs available for purchase that include twenty minute meals. There is also a shopping list creator to help with picking up ingredients you need from the grocers.

Mario Batali Cooks! Is a more expensive app because it costs $9.99 yet is considered to be the most comprehensive cooking app available. It includes 63 of Mario Batali’s most requested recipes with videos to help you create your own dishes to perfection. The app also includes techniques and kitchen basic tutorials to help improve your cooking techniques.

The Nigella Quick Collection costs $7.99 and has 70 recipes that are simple and fast to create. There are videos that include cooking tips and full length recipe run throughs so you can follow along.

Martha’s Everyday Food: Fresh & Easy Recipes is $3.99. This app offers thousands of recipes and includes shopping features for products recommended by Martha Stewart. The recipes included are chosen for how simple they are to create, how family friendly they are and are broken into seasonal recipes.

The Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me app costs $7.99 and includes 56 of Gordon Ramsey’s most popular recipes. The app has step by step features that include photos at every stage of the recipe process to make sure you can master every recipe. You can also compare what you’ve made with Gordon’s own recipes, send to friends and get their opinions too.

“Gordon Ramsay’s Cook With Me has 56 mouth-watering recipes that you’ll come to swear by! Watch Gordon run through the recipe and then follow the step-by-step guides featuring photos at every stage to help you master the meals. Think you’ve got what it takes to take on Gordon? Compare your dish with Gordon’s at the end of the recipe and send it to your friends for their opinion. Get some extra advice in the cooking tips section by watching the helpful how-to videos.”

RecipePal is a free app that is based on the “Take this Dish” cookbook from George Duran. You can create instant shopping lists for the included recipes. These recipes are based around comfort foods such as bread pudding and pepperoni pizza.

The Good Food Healthy Recipes app costs $2.99 and has 175 ideas to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution of eating healthier and/or lose weight. There are 35 recipes containing less than 200 calories per portion and healthy alternatives to recipes such as brownies.

You can pick up the Rachel Allen app for $4.99 and there are 66 of Rachel’s favorite recipes that you can experiment with. You can choose to have the recipe read out to you as you make it along with videos that have tips and tricks for before you even start to cook. There is also an interactive shopping list that will help you find what you need quickly and easily.

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List is a free app that puts more than 30,000 searchable recipes at your fingertips. You can save your favorite recipes, sync them to your favorites list to an online Recipe Box at Epicurious.com. You can also create shopping lists and email recipes to others.

Another free app from a popular cooking website is Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner and this app has more than 40,000 recipes to search through. There are photos and reviews from the Allrecipes community and millions of cooks that you can socialize with.

The Gino D’Acampo – Eating Italian app is $4.99 and has 30 of Gino’s favorite recipes. There is also a glossary section to help you know what the different types of Italian ingredients are. This app also helps you choose the right type of pasta for the right types of recipes.

The free 170,000+ Recipes – BigOven app has been downloaded over four million times. This app features the option of entering ingredients and getting recipe ideas of what you can use those ingredients in to make delicious dishes.

Weber’s On the Grill costs $4.99 and is an app for those who love to grill or barbecue. This app features 265 classic Weber recipes along with 40 recipes for rubs, sauces and marinades. You have the option of creating a shopping list, tagging your favorite recipes and use the app as a timer so you know how long to keep your food on the grill.

The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook app can be downloaded for free and is based on the timeless Betty Crocker Cookbook that has been world famous for many years.

The Photo Cookbook – Baking app is $4.99 and as the name says, is designed for preparing bakery items such as cakes, pies, cookies and breads. There are images that show you every step to take for 60 different recipes.

The RecipeGrazer app is available for free and features images and recipes for more than 400,000 recipes. These are posted and rated by the members of the RecipeGrazar community.

Busy cooks will love the Real Simple Recipes: No Time to Cook? app. It costs $4.99 and includes around 850 recipes that can be made in forty minutes or less.

Coleman’s Classic Camping Cookbook & Meal Planner app is perfect for campers and those who love to cook out. It features Coleman’s top rated recipes. You can rank your favorite recipes and find recipes  based on what categories you are most interested in.

The Whole Foods Market Recipes app is free and based around healthy foods. It includes nutritional information and you can search by topics such as low fat, vegetarian and vegan.

The Do Eat Raw costs $0.99 and has more than 300 raw vegan recipes for those who wish to follow this healthy type of eating.

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