There are free and paid apps that you can choose so you can text with your iPod Touch. The iTouch Texting app is one of the most popular free apps available. For this one and other similar app there are to choose from, you do need to be able to connect to Wi-Fi in order to use, and you also need to make sure the app you choose assigns a free phone number for you to use to text with, allows you to set one, or uses and email address if you want others to be able to send texts to you.

TextPlus is another popular free app. This one offers unlimited texting on your iPod Touch and also offers group texting. You can set up your phone number and getting a number from Google Voice is a quick, easy and free option that will assure you get a phone number that isn’t going to be someone else’s number. This highly rated app makes it possible to text to almost any device that uses carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

The TextFree Unlimited app is also free and assigns a phone number to you instead of allowing you to set your own. With this one you can send texts to cell phones that use any carrier, and you will get texts whether your iPod is on or not due to the push notifications.

TextNow has a free version that requires you to see ads every so often, or you can pay $5.99 per year for an ad free version. It has the highest amount of customization out of any of the other apps such as custom wallpaper, the ability to upload thumbnail photos or share your number on Facebook and Twitter.

Brightkite Group Text allows you to text large groups of people. It doesn’t allow you to assign any numbers though, so the only those who have you listed in their friends section of their own copy of the Brightkite app can text you.

Textie Messaging, also free uses your email address to replicate the texting process instead of assigning you a phone number. It uses push notifications so you won’t miss texts­.