If you are looking for note taking app for iPad, there is a variety to choose from and what works out best for you will depend on why you want to use this type of app. The most well known and popular note taking app is Evernote because of all the features including being able to take and personalize notes with photos, audio and tags. You can also sync all your notes to all your other devices.

Another popular note taking app is Notability. This app also has a lot of features such as handwriting and audio recording capabilities. It also syncs across all your other devices such as your computer and iPhone. While it isn’t free, it’s only $1.99 and the additional features it has is worth it for those who have made the investment.

The Simplenote note taking app has tags and allows you to tag other people so you can share notes with classmates, coworkers or family members. It also syncs and you can publish your notes to the internet. If you want to use it without ads, it’s about $19 per year. If you don’t mind working around the ads, then you can just use the free version.

There are other note taking apps, but the ratings for these make them the best apps for iPad. Evernote remains the most popular one although Notability and Simplenote have been gaining in popularity as well. You can view them all at the app store to see which one will work best for you.