Airdrop is a new feature available from Apple can be used on Apple devices that run iOS 7 such as iPad and iPhone. It was created to make sharing easier, such as sharing photos, videos and other types of data and even apps to anyone nearby who is also using an iOS device. Pretty much anything that can be shared on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or iMessage can be shared through Airplay. For example, if you have an iPad and want to share images with your friend who has an iPad or iPhone, you can use Airplay to conveniently and quickly do that.

Airplay works by accessing Bluetooth to create peer to peer Wi-Fi networks with other Apple devices that are within a close range to each other. This network is then encrypted and has its own firewall for security, so you can share with others safely. To find out if you are close enough to be able to share, you can check what devices Airplay is detecting after you hit the “share” button. You can generally be about as far apart as different rooms in your home or office.

If your iPad is running iOS 7 and you want to access Airplay, you need to slide from the bottom up on your iPad’s screen starting at the very edge. This will reveal the control panel and you will find options for Airplay such as turning it on or off or setting is to “Contacts Only”. That will make sure no one other than people in your contact list can send you AirDrop requests.

When Airplay is turned on, you can share with contacts that are close enough to be recognized by your iPad. To share, you must access whatever you want to share, for instance, an image. When you have whatever you want to share on your iPad’s screen, just tap the “Share” button, which is a box with an arrow sticking up. This button will then allow you to choose if you want to share to AirDrop or one of your other social media sites. Then choose who you want to share the data with by tapping on the circle with the contact’s image or initials that will show up if their device is detected. That will send the data and your contact will be able to accept it or reject it.

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