An iPad can do pretty much anything a laptop computer can do and more depending on what model you purchase. For example, setting up conference calls on you iPad is typically better than setting them up on your smartphone. Some people really love how they can make their iPad work as their media remote control so they can control all their devices from their iPad. You can also hook your iPad up or connect it wirelessly to your TV to stream YouTube videos and movies or create a mirror display that will show whatever is on your iPad on your television screen.

An iPad will do pretty much everything else a laptop computer will do in regard to being able to surf the web using your favorite browser, check your email and log on to your social media sites. An iPad doesn’t support Flash, so there are some sites that won’t work as well as the rest of them. There are quite a few games that are designed to be great to play on the iPad such as Angry Birds and Temple Run, or you can turn it into an old fashioned arcade game. Games like Asteroids and Pac Man can be played when you have IONs iCade accessory.

Watching movies and listening to music is another thing you can do on an iPad such as streaming movies from Netflix, Hulu Plus or Crackle. There are radio stations like iHeart Radio that you can tune into or watch your favorite television shows. You can also download from a selection of thousands of apps from the Apple App Store. In essence, you can do just about anything that you would normally do on a computer, except the iPad is a lot easier to carry around.

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