If you workout and love to listen to your favorite music on your iPod, it’s important to get earphones that will remain secure. Here are some of the most popular choices that you can find at places such as Best Buy or Amazon:


The AKG K 350 earpohones fit snugly into your ear and have a high quality audio. You can find these for around $79.00 depending on where you shop.

The Klipsch Image X7i earphones also fit snugly into your ear and offer high quality audio for your favorite music on your iPod. They are more expensive because they are priced at anywhere from $199.00 to $188.64 depending on where you shop. They are the most lightweight earphones available.
The Platronics BackBeat Go earphones are also lightweight, fit snugly and offer a high quality audio, however, these earphones are wireless. They are also less expensive and you should be able to find them for under $100.

The RHA MA 150 earphones can be picked up from your favorite technology outlet for less than $14.00. Even at the lower cost, they have a great quality sound, plus, if you workout hard, you don’t have to worry about them quite so much since they are less expensive.

The Sennheiser CX 680 sports earphones are sweat proof and waterproof and can be found for less than $100. They offer a great sound quality and fit snugly for running, jogging and other types of exercise.

The Sony XBA-S65 earphones have the sound quality you would expect from a Sony branded product. These are built to fit securely and are moisture resistant. You should be able to find them for less than $25.00 at your favorite technology stores.

The TDK EB950 earphones for your iPod are light weight and have a great sound. They can be found priced anywhere from $55 at places like Amazon and up depending on where you shop for them.

The Apple EarPods are affordably priced at less than $30 and are better sounding and fit better than the ones that come with your iPod.

The Bose SIE2i are an audiophiles dream come true when sound quality is a priority. These earphones for your iPad are moisture proof and designed for working out in. You can find them for around $150.

The Audio’s UltraFit 2000 headphones offer a professional sound quality, yet are only around $50 depending on where you shop.

The Sennheiser CX 685 SPORTS earphones are sweat proof and moisture resistant and have a great quality sound. These earphones for your iPod can be picked up for right around $50.

Finally, there are the Dr. Dre Powerbeats earphones and those who love bass will love the sound quality. These can be found priced at $150 or less depending on where you shop.