The best prepaid iPhone plan for you will depend on how you typically use your iPhone the most, such as for calls, texting or browsing the internet. Another important factor in figuring out which plan is best for you will depend on how the coverage is for the specific carriers in your area. Even the cheapest plan won’t be worth it if you constantly have connection issues.

The major prepaid iPhone plans are T-Mobile, Straight Talk, H2O, Virgin Mobile, Cricket and Net 10. The only one of these that offers Wi-Fi hotspot is T-Mobile, so if that is important for you, then you will want to consider a plan through this carrier. T-Mobile is more expensive including $70 per month for unlimited everything, and then $50 or $60 for limited plans depending on whether you choose 500 megabytes or 2 gigabytes of data per month.

Straight Talk is the least expensive for unlimited everything. It starts out at $45 per month and then goes up to $60 if you also want international calling features. All the other plans are right around $50 per month for unlimited everything except for H20 because there are no unlimited plans from this carrier. If you don’t mind limiting yourself, the two lowest priced plans that still offer a fair amount of text, talk time and data is Straight Talk and Net 10. Straight talk is $30 per month for 30 megabytes of data and 1000 texts and 1000 minutes. Net 10 is $25 per month and has unlimited data and text, but only 720 talk time.

To get the best idea of what the ideal prepaid iPhone plan is for you, check out each carrier and review their coverage area. From that point you can decide what your budget is and what you want to have in regard to unlimited or limited plans. When you have made a decision, you can contact the carrier of your choice and get set up with their service fairly quickly.

Source iMore