If you love Yoga or just want to try it out, there are quite a few apps that will help you learn and follow a practice from the comfort of your own home.Here are some of the best iPhone App for Yoga:

The All-in Yoga: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes app for your iPhone is $2.99 and has 300 poses to choose through to create your own program, or choose from one of the 45 all ready created programs. There are breathing exercises, an in-app calendar to track your progress, sharing options through Facebook and Twitter, 3D muscle models you can study and 15 music tracks to listen to as you practice.

The Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles iPhone app is $1.99 and has the famous deep-thinker Deepak Chopra with yoga expert Tara Stiles who offer yoga routines, pose reviews, suggestions and tips to improve your practice.

The Butterfly Yoga by Pattie Stafford app for your iPhone is free and from the creator of Butterfly Yoga, Pattie Stafford. She offers a practice that blends yoga, Pilates, ballet and modern dance into fun and exciting workout sessions. She also offers suggestions to accomplish better alignment in poses, posture and breathing tips.

The Daily Yoga iPhone app is another free app that features professional yoga teachers so you can try them out and see how much you like them. Then, you can unlock and subscribe to your favorite teachers. There are also more than 200 poses to learn with detailed instructions.

The Hatha Yoga app for your iPhone is $9.99 and has stop motion visuals so you can learn the best methods for getting into and out of poses as the teacher guides you through hatha yoga classes. You can customize the classes to help you reach your specific goals and whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced yogi.

The Hot Body Yoga iPhone app is free and is created by the editors of Women’s Health magazine to “tone your body, tame your mind and fry fat on the mat.” There are audio cues to help you get through each sequence and a list of the benefits of each pose in the twelve different workouts that are included.

The Hot Yoga Doctor app for your iPhone is $9.99 teaches you 26 traditional hot yoga poses with the names displayed in both Sanskrit and English. You can pick your choice of 35, 60 or 90 minute classes and don’t need an internet or 3G connection. There is also a full pose gallery with tips and techniques included.

The Kids Yoga Journey: I Am Sun, I Am Moon iPhone app is $1.99 and designed for children to introduce them to the benefits of yoga with 19 fully animated poses for the Sun and Moon Salutations of Hatha yoga. There is also the story of yoga’s birth 5,000 years ago.

The Office Yoga app for your iPhone is $0.99 and has 75 stress relieving stretches that can be done in a small office space. The exercises are organized for the time of the day and for a variety of work situations such as walking, commuting or if you are on the telephone or using the copy machine.

The Pocket Yoga iPhone app is $2.99 and includes 27 yoga sessions in beginner, intermediate and advanced session lengths. There are voice instructions and illustrations so you can flow through each pose according to the school of Gaia Flow Yoga. An included log keeps track of your practice and progress.

The Pocket Yoga – Practice Builder app for your iPhone is $9.99 and is similar to the original Pocket Yoga app. It allows you to build, edit and share yoga sequences that you can put together from over 140 different poses. You can also set the duration and number of breaths for each pose and add music from your own library and email your sequences to friends.

The Touch Your Toes in 10 Days iPhone app is $4.99 and provides a step by step guide for flexibility training that you can use on a daily basis to reach the goal of touching. The instructions are done by a nationally certified fitness trainer.

The Travel Yoga app for your iPhone is $0.99 and has more than 50 techniques to help you relieve muscle tension and alleviate stress when you are traveling. They are specifically designed so you can do them in small spaces and have entertaining retro illustrations.

The Yoga & Pilates with Kristin McGee iPhone app is free and designed and hosted by Kristin McGee, fitness instructor to the stars. It includes fans such as Bethenny Frankel and LeAnn Rimes who love her ten minute workouts that are designed to tone your abs, thighs, backside and arms.

The Yoga For Runners app for iPhone is $1.99 and has guided 16 minute pre-run yoga sequences, plus a fourteen minute post run sequence that will help loosen up all the areas that work hard while you are running. There are sun salutation sequences, smoothies and energy bar recipes as well.

The Yoga RELAX iPhone app is $0.99 and has soothing yoga sessions which help you improve your strength, balance, posture and flexibility. You can create your own sequences up to 36 minutes long and there are audio cues and unique silhouette illustrations to help you get into the perfect poses.

The Yoga STRETCH app for your iPhone is $0.99 and allows you to create up to five custom yoga sessions, or you can choose to play one of the preloaded sixty minute long sessions. You can also play your own background music from your iTunes library with the audio instructor turned on or off.

The Yoga Studio iPhone app is $2.99 and allows you to create, customize, schedule and play up to thirty different yoga classes. There are more than 280 poses to choose from and you can create 15, 30 or 60 minute classes suitable for beginning, intermediate or advanced levels. You can also save favorites for easy access.

The Yoga+Travel app for your iPhone is free and is designed by Chicago yoga instructor, Allison English. There are poses that will help you remain relaxed in the areas most affected by travel, such as your neck, back and hips and they can be done in a small area.

The Yoga with Janet Stone iPhone app is $2.99 and is designed by San Francisco yoga instructor Janet Stone. This app includes three hours of videos and more than five hours of audio instructions. It also has two and a half hours of music and more than 100 yoga flows which are suitable for all levels. The programs change daily.

The Yogify app for your iPhone is free to try and then you can purchase your choice of five different class programs for $1.99 and up each. You can just unlock the entire collection for $9.99 as well. There is 35 hours of yoga instruction spread throughout 50 different classes and is suitable for every level. It has social media options and more than 275 poses.