If you love to write or just read poetry, you will love the best iPhone Apps for Poets. Here is a list of some of the most popular apps for poetry lovers for creating all types of different poems or learning about poetry terminology:

The Poetry Daily app for iPhone is free and starts your day off with a new surprise poem to read. There is a new poem every day and the surprise is what type of poem it is.

The American Poetry: 5000 Poems and Verses iPhone app is $1.99 and contains poetry from the Poetry Foundation. It’s organized by author in alphabetical order and is also searchable so you can find your favorite poems by your favorite authors.

The iPoetry  app for iPhone is $0.99 and has more than 150 poems includes videos. You can search through 47 unique poets’ works, and bookmark your favorites.

The Verses – a notebook for creative writers iPhone app is $0.99 and offers poets the opportunity to quickly write down what comes to mind before they forget. It has a rhyming functionality so you can enter words and find out what rhymes with it and keep a record of your musings to create some of your finest works.

The RhymeNowHD app for iPhone is $1.99 and lets you look up rhymes on the go in order to craft any type of poetry or other creative writing projects.

The Poet’s Pad iPhone app is a little more expensive at $9.99, but it is designed specifically for poets and allows you to record audio versions and search through a rhyming dictionary, traditional dictionary and thesaurus. There are tools included to help break through writer’s block and other tools to help you keep your poetry organized.

The Writing Prompts app for iPhone is $1.99 and includes more than 6,000 different writing prompts and in app purchase opportunities just in case you make it through all of those. There is simply no limit to the ideas that you will come up with when you have this app available.

The PortaPoet iPhone app is $2.99 and is created to be a portable workstation. You can create poetry and share it with your friends, challenge them to rap battles and collaborate on projects with them.

The Instant Poetry HD app for iPhone is $1.99 and allows you to drag and drop words in order to create unique poetry. The end result looks appealing and can be used as a poster.

The Poetry Creator iPhone app is free is similar to the Instant Poetry HD app in that you can drag and drop pre-populated words to create poetry. There are in app purchases so you can buy additional words for a broader range of options in creating your poems.

The AudioNote app for iPhone is $4.99 and lets you type text and have an audio recording that will sync to your typing.  You can listen to your favorite poems and time mark them by typing text too.

The Instant Audio Recorder iPhone app is $0.99 and will automatically start recording as soon as you launch it. You can then share the recordings through email or iTunes.

The Poetry Notes app for iPhone is $1.99 and is a poetry analyzing app. It costs an additional $0.99 for each poem you would like to have analyzed.

The Glossary of Poetry Terminology iPhone app is $0.99 and contains all the terms you need for studying poetry such as different types of poems.