If you are looking to earn an little extra money, there is an iPhone app for that! Some of them allow you to earn money no matter where you are, twenty four hours a day and some of them require to go to places in your area. While you might not get rich with any of them, trying out a few might give you a few extra dollars to have some fun with from time to time. You will need a PayPal account in order to get paid, but that is quick and easy to set up.

NPolls is and App that you can use any time of the day or night. You complete surveys and can view the results of others who have also taken whichever surveys you are taking. You do have to take 50 surveys to get $10 for the first payment, if you have the time though, some of the surveys could be very interesting.

Gigwalk is an app that you have to get out of the house to make money with, but you can do fun things like taking pictures of store displays, do mystery shopping activities and review delivery services. You can get paid anywhere from $6 to up to a couple of hundred dollars per gig depending on which jobs you choose.

The Field Agent app will help you make money by gathering requested information from places you go every day. You have to be the first person to accept the job and if you are in a big city that means keeping an eye on your iPhone for new jobs. Once you accept a job you have two hours to complete it. You can earn from $3 to $12 for each task depending on what it is.

The Location Panel allows you to help make decisions for your community. Tasks include helping restaurants and stores choose new locations to open up in or do other location based research. You can also earn rewards by letting the app track you while you are shopping and answering questions about your shopping habits such as why you chose the store you did. You don’t get paid cash with this app, but you do get location based special offers and coupons that can help you save money.

CheckPoints app offers a quick and easy way to earn by scanning bar codes at your local grocery stores. You don’t earn money. Instead you earn points that you can use at iTunes, Amazon, Alaska airlines and other places. You also get great deals from thousands of retailers.

The Jingit app helps you earn cash a couple of different ways, including instantly.  One way to win instant cash is to go to locations and scan specified products. You can also earn cash by taking surveys or watching videos. There is a Jingit Visa Debit card that comes with this app and where the money shows up. It starts with a $5 dollar weekly earn limit and then goes up to $10 if you share on Facebook.

GymPact app allows you to earn money, but you could also lose money because you pledge to workout in any gym. You set a pact for how many days you’ll check in at the gym,  and then you pay if you miss a day. At the end of the week the money that was earned from people skipping a day is divided up between the people who didn’t miss a day and is typically about $0.50 or $0.75 per workout.

The WeReward app for your iPhone helps you earn money by accumulating point when you check into locations or perform tasks such as taking a picture at the location with a specific product. When you accumulate 1,000 points you can turn it in for $10. You also get rewards that you can claim at the location while you are there.

Another app where you can earn money from checking in at stores is Shopkick. With this iPhone app, you scan products and purchases that are eligible. For payment you get points that you can exchange for gift cards, music downloads, movie tickets, discounts for stores and more.

The FanCake app is a live social game and you can get rewards by watching your favorite sports on television. All you do is checkin to a game on Facebook and play along with the action to win things such as game tickets, sports gear, gift cards and more.

Viggle is an app where you watch live TV and it has polls, voting and real time interactive questions to whatever is going on with the program you are watching. You can also play games, watch videos and take quizzes and are rewarded with points and rewards to places such as Best Buy, Fandango and other stores.

Nexercise app for iPhone gives you points for logging in for at least fifteen minutes of exercise time. You can either check in to gyms or workout anywhere by attaching the iPhone to your body so it can detect your motions. You get better rewards for accumulating more points.

The Surveys On The Go App is another survey app that pays  you for your opinions. Each survey pays between $0.25 up to $5, but are mostly around $1.00. The cash you earn is paid through PayPal.

The Zaarly app requires you to verify your personal information and connect to Facebook, then it works as a matchmaker for buyers and sellers for proposed jobs. If you see a job you would like to accept you can contact the buyer and agree on the price and how you will be paid. The money comes through the app into your PayPal account.

If you have a federal background check and are willing to do a video interview, the TaskRabbit app is something you might be interested in. To get paid you do odd jobs or run errands for people and get paid for it via PayPal or getting a check mailed to you.

The App Trailers for iPhone allows you to win rewards for previewing app trailers. These are high quality streaming videos of apps that you watch. This app is not in the iTunes store, so if you want it, go directly to the App Trailers website.

If you don’t mind taking pictures of your grocery receipts then you might want to look into the Receipt Hog app. This app gives you point for ever receipt that you can turn in for cash and other rewards. The data is anonymous and added to market search reports, so no one actually sees your personal information.