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Level 521 Answer:
Riddle: I have a few points but we’re not competing. I’ll help you win when you’re eating.
Hint: Utensil

Level 522 Answer:
Riddle: I have to be broken before I can be used
Hint: From chicken
Ans: EGG

Level 523 Answer:
Riddle: Used left or right, I get to travel over cobblestone or gravel. Used up, I vie for sweet success, used down, I cause men great duress.
Hint: Body part

Level 524 Answer:
Riddle: I can be thin but not fat; in your body but never on your placemat. I’m always better when I’m fresh, but you’ll never see me in the flesh.
Hint: Need me to live
Ans: AIR

Level 525 Answer:
Riddle: I am a word with 5 letters. Bold are the first; true are the second; playful are the third; clever are the fourth; forceful are the fifth.
Hint: Count the word clues

Level 526 Answer:
Riddle: When I am caught, I am thrown away. When I escape, you itch all day.
Hint: Animal

Level 527 Answer:
Riddle: I can be simple or I can be complex. I can be found in this riddle or in everyday life. I can be shapes or even colors.
Hint: Repeating image

Level 528 Answer:
Riddle: You find me behind the stars; or in a sixth, seventh, or third. It takes something round, a computer, and me to make pie. I am bigger than anything you can think of.
Hint: Sideways 8

Level 529 Answer:
Riddle: Face with a tree, skin like the sea. A great beast I am. Yet vermin frightens me.
Hint: Animal

Level 530 Answer:
Riddle: I am born in fear, raised in truth, and I come to my own in deed. When comes a time that I’m called forth, I come to serve the cause of need.
Hint: Bravery

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See All Answers to the What Am I Game:
What Am I Answers / Solutions / Cheats

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