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Level 401 Answer:
Riddle: I am the word that is always spelled correctly by everyone.
Hint: Answer is in question

Level 402 Answer:
Riddle: My teeth are sharp, my back is straight, to cut things up it is my fate.
Hint: Tool
Ans: SAW

Level 403 Answer:
Riddle: I have long legs, crooked thighs, little head, and no eyes.
Hint: Tool

Level 404 Answer:
Riddle: You write on me and secrets I can keep. In places never seen. I spin like a top. Though stiff as a board, I’m often described like a mop.
Hint: Old technology

Level 405 Answer:
Riddle: My tail is long, my coat is brown, I like the country, I like the town. I can live in a house or live in a shed, And I come out to play when you are in bed.
Hint: Animal

Level 406 Answer:
Riddle: I tremble at each breath of air, and yet can heaviest burdens bear.
Hint: Drink me everyday

Level 407 Answer:
Riddle: I am a house with two occupants, sometimes one, rarely three. Break the walls, eat the boarders, then throw away me.
Hint: A nut

Level 408 Answer:
Riddle: I am partially baked. I am not completely lit. I am a portion of the moon. I am lesser than full wit. I am a divider of the hour. I am not a total lie. I am a sibling through one parent.
Hint: 50% of one

Level 409 Answer:
Riddle: While you were folding a letter you got me. Usually you will do whatever it takes to avoid me, but now you can’t help but find me.
Hint: Small but painful

Level 410 Answer:
Riddle: I march before armies, a thousand salute me. My fall can bring victory, but no one would shoot me. The wind is my lover, one-legged am I. Name me and see me at home in the sky.
Hint: Every country has me

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See All Answers to the What Am I Game:
What Am I Answers / Solutions / Cheats

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