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Have you ever wanted to keep in touch with someone via phone without having to give out your Facebook name or email? Well now you can do that, and so much more, by using a nifty app called WeHub.

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This app is completely free to use and has a variety of features beyond its patented Instant Group which allows more than two people that are nearby to form a group. If that sounds too good to be true, I know. I didn’t believe it myself until I downloaded the app and had a friend download it as well and setup a chat without sharing phone numbers, emails, or names. It sounds too good to be true but it really is that simple and it works!

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Within a chat, you can send both videos and text messages which can be bolded, scrambled randomly, or set to self-destruct. All types of messages can also be recalled before the other party or parties reads them as well, which definitely makes this nifty app even niftier. I wonder if they have that one patented?

The Social Side of This Communication App

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In addition to WeHub making it easy to connect with your phone contacts as well as people that you meet in person, you can also find people in your area based on similar interests and likes. However, since the app has been recently released smaller cities might not yet have the same variety of users and interests other cities might have. But that’s only a piece of the cake, the real treat is in WeHub’s privacy and ease-of-use-centered design.

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Another part of the app is user profiles, which can be used to invite, friend, and view other information through. All of your profile’s sections are editable though, so you don’t have to give away your name or identifier if you don’t want to. You can also set your account to a private account through the settings page, barring people who aren’t your friends from initiating 1:1 chats with you which allows them to view your profile.

It truly does seem like WeHub has thought of everything, but the only thing I find it to be missing is a way to change the background of the chat screen. If this feature is indeed available with the app, then I hope they make it sound out more because I can’t seem to find it.

All in all though, WeHub is essentially a hub of communication done right, with new features, that make it stand apart from all of the WhatsApp and Kik clones that litter the App Store. WeHub is one of the leaders in the communication category and it is gaining traction in the social networking category as well. It’s free and worth a try for just about anyone with a phone or iPad.

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