vector review

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Nekki

I will admit that I do not get the whole free running thing. For me when I was a kid if I was running around climbing on peoples walls I would have got a beating. But these days as long as you make sure to shout parkour you can jump on whatever the heck you like. In the description of Vector the developer says that it is the best parkour inspired game. I think that is a bit unfair as I felt this had more in common with a action movie than free running.

This game looks amazing there is just so much depth to it. The guy you control is all black and so is the whole foreground it is as if you are running in the shadows. I can see some of you rolling your eyes right now. But let me tell you this works and not only does it work it looks phenomenal. As well as the foreground the back ground is also full of detail it really does make you think you are running through a city. The game does actually have a pretty cool sci-fi inspired story. That sure will not win any prizes, but it does a great job of keeping you interested.

If I had to put this into a genre of game it would be the endless runner. Your guy is one the run from one very bad dude. But luck for you there is over 100 different parkour moves for you to help you get around the rooftops. The animations of the various moves are amazing. And the huge selection of them means that you never really are 100 percent sure of what cool move you are going to see.  You may think that this is going to have some very complex and over the top control scheme that is going to take forever to get the hang of.

But you would be dead wrong. This game could not be any easier to play. A smile swipe up will let you jump, but if you come to a obstacle that requires some amazing athletic parkour move it will just do it. a swipe down will let you slide underneath things. There are some long jumps that will require you to swipe to the right to pick up some speed. That is all there is for the controls. Thanks to the crazy moves that you guy does. It never gets old. The game is just so mesmerising to play. Even if one of my kids is playing this I find myself just staring at it.

Vector is a great game and at just a couple of bucks it is well worth the price of admission. There are a few different in app purchases here and there. But I have put in a ton of time to this game without spending another penny. If you like endless runner games then I really think you should check this out. To me while it certainly fits into that genre it has the look and feel of a really amazing action movie.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store