Today Weather App Review

Today Weather is a weather app by Savvy apps, llc available on the iPhone. At the time of writing this app is $0.99.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Today Weather gives you the ability to have multiple cities in your list. Each city can display current weather, a 7 day forecast, weather map, and an hourly weather forecast. The main weather view gives you the highs, lows, current conditions and a quick four, eight and twelve hour forecast of the weather.  The 7 day forecast gives you the forecasted conditions, chance of rain and the temperature. The Hourly forecast gives you the conditions, chance of ran and temperature for the next 36 hours, as well as the sunrise and sunset times.

The interface for Today Weather feels very lacking. There aren’t any instructions on how to use this app or how to activate the different views. I was unaware that this app had a weather map view until I looked over the screenshots in the app listing in iTunes. The weather map feels clunky and there aren’t any options for views in this mode. Other weather apps I’ve used gives me the option to select different radar views, or even have an animation of the past and future weather patterns. A tutorial would be very helpful for understanding how this app works and what it can do.

I do not feel this app is worth the $0.99 download. There are free apps that do more and are more intuitive. I would also be interested in seeing an iPad version.  This app could benefit from more screen real-estate.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store