Another place that a lot of people get stuck on, is the “COLLECT ALL THE DUCKS” screen.  Here’s how to do it:

The Idiot Test 3 Level 9 Walkthrough - 1Instructions:-Tap the ducks from #1 to #15 as labeled in the pic. There will be one duck left over – DO NOT TOUCH THIS LAST DUCK!Note: Basically you’re tapping on the ducks starting from the one closest to you to the one furthest away from you. Looking at this in another way: at any one time, there’s only ONE duck that is totally visable and not partially covered by another duck, and that’s the duck you want to tap next.
The Idiot Test 3 Level 9 Walkthrough - 2Instructions:-Again, DO NOT TOUCH THE LAST DUCK! Wait for the screen to time out. 

Click here for answers to all levels of The Idiot Test 3:

The Idiot Test 3 – Complete Walkthrough


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