Kickstarter is known for helping small inventors deliver great products through crowd sourcing. Instead of having to find that one angel investor willing to put in $50,000 into a project, Kickstarter finds 5,000 people that are willing to put in $10 for that project.

If the funding goal is reached, then the project is started, and each funder gets something in return. Kickstarter has helped crowdsource projects from fashion, to movies and technology. However, in this article we are only going to cover the cool products that will turn your iDevice into a super-iDevice.

iSketchnote ($119+)

iSketchnote is an iPad cover that transfers real life drawings into their digital equivalents as you draw them. Simply open the cover up, place any piece of paper or notebook over the cover, and then begin to draw or write on your paper.

Any strokes you create will be replicated on the digital version of your work. This means that scanning is no longer required to backup or save your work. Whether you’re looking to save writing projects or artistic projects, this is a great solution.

As of this article’s writing, there are only ten hours left in the Kickstarter funding campaign. If you purchase it from there, chances are that iSketchnote will let you pre-order it through their site.