Strata game for iphone
Strata is a game created by Graveck. It costs $.99 and is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


In Strata you have to weave a special pattern that adheres to certain rules. The background of the game has a couple of colored squares. You have to weaves ribbons over these squares so that each square is covered in a ribbon. You also have to make sure the ribbon on the top layer matches up with the initial color of the square in the background.

This game is really interesting because you don’t often see a revolutionary puzzle pop up like this. Strata is a great idea and it really makes you think.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store
The Good:

Every time a ribbon is put down a piano note plays. That’s a nice touch to the game experience. Not to mention that the graphics and music is top-notch.

The Bad:

You can’t make your own levels.


If you’re into solving puzzles or coming up with solutions to things, then Strata is a game that you need to start play right away. It’s only a dollar even though it’s worth more.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store