It can be tough trying to figure out which phone is the best to purchase because they are very competitive. Knowing whether to purchase an Iphone or Android phone usually boils down to what is most important to you. For example, if having a stable phone that has the best operating system in the world, especially with the inception of iOS 7, then getting an iPhone is the way to go as the Android open source operating system is not always as dependable.

Both the iPhone and Android phones have a large variety of apps to choose from and while Android allows you to choose apps from more locations, they are not as stable as the apps designed for iPhone because of compatibility issues with open source codes and updating issues. On the other hand, apps for Apple are specifically designed to be compatible with the iOS platform and don’t have the same amount of challenging in staying compatible through upgrades.

Finally, if size is a consideration, the iPhone is smaller and slimmer than an Android smartphone which means it is easier to carry around. Therefore, if you want convenience and an easy to carry phone, then the iPhone would be a great choice. Of course some people prefer the camera capabilities or other features of the iPhone that are better than what Android offers, but that is a personal choice depending on your taste.