Deleting apps you no longer use from your iPhone helps save space and is a good idea to do, at least periodically. Here are apps that are either no longer needed due to more recent iPhone updates, are obsolete, or just never performed the way they were supposed to.

Groupon was once iconically popular, to the point of turning down a $5.3 billion dollar buyout from Google in 2010. However today there are few really good deals and most people have just decided to download apps from their favorite stores in order to get the best deals.

The Bump app was very popular when it first came out because it allowed you to just bump iPhones together to share any type of data you wanted to. Now you can just use the built in iPhone features such as AirDrop to quickly exchange information – without the need to smash your phones together.

The CNN App has become more annoying and the news it is constantly using intrusive push notifications to offer is often obsolete when you are connected to other more current apps, such as Twitter or Facebook.

The Google Search app is obsolete because Safari and Chrome both have built in Google search bars.

The Urbanspoon app used to be very popular to find places to eat. All you had to do was spin the wheel and it would give you a local restaurant idea for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. Yelp has now taken over as the “go to” app for finding the best local cuisine.

It’s very easy to uninstall apps on your iPhone, just press and hold down on the app icon until you see an “x” icon and then quickly tap on that. Make sure that you also delete the app from your iTunes account as well so it doesn’t re- sync to your iPhone. There are a number of apps that were installed by Apple that you cannot delete. For those, you can create a folder and hide them so they don’t bother you.