Oldschool Blast is an original game that was created with the same feel, look, and sounds of retro space shooters. This isn’t a clone or an emulator however, as everything from the controls to the upgrades are unique to this game.


In this game you get to fly up and down, as well left and right. Also, you can just hold down the shoot button to clear enemies out of the way. You’ll have to continually tap on it to shoot, which makes the whole experience even more nerve-wracking and addictive. IMG_0998

As you tap away at shooting down enemies, you’ll also discover that some enemies are destroyed with just one hit, while other require multiple hits to be taken down. Some enemies will even shoot when they’re destroyed as a sort of last resort, while other enemies will be fast moving and will shoot missiles that hone in on your location.

The harder-to-take-down enemies will also drop alien gems which can be used to purchase extra lives, speed shots, and triple shots at the end of each level. IMG_0999

The only issue I’d have to report with this game is that after you lives end, you can tap on “continue game” still and start farther in the game rather than the first level. Other than that, everything in Oldschool Blast is consistent with the look and retro feel a gamer might want to experience.

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