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Logos Quiz (released by AticoD) is an Apple iphone, ipod and ipad games application, that asks you to look at parts of logos of businesses and guess their names. Logos Quiz is comprised of nine different levels – 34 different business logo in the first level and 76 in all of the remaining levels in the game. For every 2 guesses answered accurately, you’ll get to uncover 1 hint from this game. The said hints will lead you to the right right answers. I’ve painstakingly collected each of the hints for each logo in all levels, a task that took me days to accomplish, so that I can provide them on this site for all our visitors’ benefit (i.e. for when someone types a hint into the search engines in order to find the corresponding brand’s name). If you would scroll downwards on every solutions page, you’ll see the hints for every company logo. As Logos Quiz is case-insensitive, you’ll be able to pay no attention to the case of every letter when spelling out the responses. Furthermore, ignore any punctuations and symbols that a logo name may have, as this game will also forget these.

I decided to make multiple posts for each level, with a single screen shot per post, in order to make posts load more quickly for you. If perhaps you find the solutions helpful by any means, why not consider sharing this post in twitter and/or facebook, and/or giving this page a google +1. Many thanks for visiting and have fun with your ipad / ipod / iphone!

Logos Quiz Answers REDDIT LogoREDDIT
Social news website where the registered users submit content, in the form of either a link or a text “self” post
In May 2010, R _ _ _ _ T was named in Lead411’s “2010 Hottest San Francisco Companies” list
Users vote the submission “up” or “down”, which is used to rank the post and determine its position on the site’s pages and front page
Logos Quiz Answers KANGOL LogoKANGOL
Clothing company fmous for its headwear
The K from silk, the _ N _ from angora, the _ L from wool
Founded in Cleator, Cumbria, England in 1938 by Jaques Spreiregen, they produced hats for workers, golfers, and especially soldiers
Logos Quiz Answers MONOPOLY LogoMONOPOLY
Board game published by Parker Brothers
Landlord’s Game, which was commercially published in 1923, is considered to be a direct inspiration
The game is named after the economic concept of M _ _ _ _ _ _ Y, the domination of a market by a single entity
Logos Quiz Answers KITKAT LogoKITKAT
K _ _ K _ _ is now produced worldwide by Nestlé
Chocolate-coated wafer confection that was created by Rowntree’s of York, England
Each finger can be snapped from the bar separately
Logos Quiz Answers UBUNTU LogoUBUNTU
Committed to the principles of free software development; people are encouraged to use free software, improve it, and pass it on
Computer operating system based on the Debian Linux distribution and distributed as free and open source software
It is named after the Southern African philosophy of U _ _ _ _ U (“humanity towards others”)
American manufacturer of batteries and personal care products, headquartered in Town and Country, Missouri
One word. E _ _ _ _ _ Z _ R
Founded in 1896 as the American Electrical Novelty & Manufacturing Company
Logos Quiz Answers WALLS LogoWALLS
Ice cream brand that has different names in different countries
The bulk of Unilever’s ice cream business falls under its “Heartbrand” brand umbrella
The Heartbrand was launched in 1998 as an effort to increase international brand awareness
Logos Quiz Answers ORAL B LogoORAL B
Was created in 1945 by Dr Robert Huston a dentist who created the first toothbrush with its soft, end-rounded nylon bristles
The “B” in O _ _ _ B stands for “Brush”
Brand of oral hygiene products, including toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss
Logos Quiz Answers ORBIT LogoORBIT
The ingredient list during the Second World War was gum base, sugar, corn syrup, softeners and artificial fruit flavors
One word. O _ _ _ T
Brand of sugarless chewing gum from the Wrigley Company
Logos Quiz Answers SUPERMAN LogoSUPERMAN
The original story of S _ _ _ _ _ _ N relates that he was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton
Fictional comic book superhero appearing in publications by DC Comics
The child is raised as Clark Kent and imbued with a strong moral compass
Line of toys produced by the Brandstatter Group headquartered in Zirndorf, Germany
Introduced limited edition sets with the logos of seven different airlines, sold only aboard flights and in duty-free shops
Hans Beck (1929-2009) is often called “The Father of P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ L”
Logos Quiz Answers PAYPAL LogoPAYPAL
Global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet
On October 3, 2002, P _ _ _ _ L became a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay
Founded in 1998 in Palo Alto, California by Ken Howery, Max Levchin, Elon Musk, Luke Nosek and Peter Thiel
Alumni: Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Alan Turing, Stephen Hawking, Ian Mckellen, Hugh Laurie
Graduates of this university have won a total of 65 Nobel Prizes, the most of any university in the world
Public research university located in C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E, United Kingdom
Products such as person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments and commercial services
Financial services and communications company based in the United States
Up until 2006, W _ _ _ _ _ N U _ _ _ N was the best-known U.S. company in the business of exchanging telegrams
Logos Quiz Answers OXFORD LogoOXFORD
Twenty-six British prime ministers, Albert Einstein, Tim Berners-Lee, Oscar Wilde have attended this university
University located in O _ _ _ _ D, United Kingdom
Although its exact date of foundation is unclear, there is evidence of teaching as far back as 1096
Security threats in Mauritaniz led to the cancellation of the 2008 rally, the 2009 race was run in South America
Most events since the inception in 1978 were from Paris, France, to Dakar, Senegal
It is an annual rally raid type of off-road race, organised by the Amaury Sport Organisation
Logos Quiz Answers UBISOFT LogoUBISOFT
Assassin’s Creed, Driver: San Francisco, Heroes of Might and Magic VI, Shaun White Skateboarding…
The name is a play on words, “Ubi” meaning “where” in Latin. “Softwhere” or “Software”
Major French video game publisher and developer, with headquarters in Rennes, France
The Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles crashed. A group called “O _ _ _ _ _ C Six” survived
The most famous use of this brand is in the TV show Lost
Fictional airlines used in several films, television programs and comic books
Logos Quiz Answers STANFORD LogoSTANFORD
S_ _ _ _ _ D alumni have started many companies: HP, Cisco, Google, Nvidia, Yahoo, Nike, Gap, Instagram, Sun
American private research university located in Stanford, California on an 3,310 ha campus near Palo Alto
More than 50 Stanford faculty, staff, and alumni have won the Nobel Prize
Logos Quiz Answers CASTELLI LogoCASTELLI
Produces specialized clothing for cycling
Maurizio Castelli created his eponymous brand in 1974
C _ _ _ _ L L _ traces its roots back to 1876 and a fine tailor, Vittore Gianni, in the heart of Milan

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