kingdom rush
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch,
Developer: Armor Games Inc

Kingdom Rush is the latest tower defense game from the guys at Armor Games. Tower defense games are a huge things these days and many people just cannot get enough. Armor Games though have tried to make a game that appeals to experienced players of tower defense games, but also make a game that keeps the interest of people who are not that good at them.

The first thing that will grab your attention is the presentation of the game. If you are into things like Game Of Thrones or Lord Of The Rings then you will get a kick out of the art style. The game has a kind of medieval fantasy setting full of knights in shining armor and evil demons for them to battle. One of the best things though about the games presentation is the dialogue. There is always something being said in the game and this does keep you motivated to keep on playing. Even when things are not going well a character will say something that will make you smile and keep on playing.

This is your typical tower defense game where you will need to strategically place towers around the level to stop the hordes of evil enemies getting to your castle and doing whatever it is these evil things do. Like many other tower defense games you have set places where you can place your towers. You start off with pretty basic towers, but you can upgrade and get some more powerful ones as you progress through the game. Now I am someone who 9/10 first time I do a level in a game like this I mess it up big time by placing my towers in the worst possible places.

One really cool thing about Kingdom Rush is that you can call in help from archers and people who can use magic to help you out. This is great if you have not placed a tower in a key area as you can put in an archer who may just be enough to save your butt. The game always has you on your toes as you are trying to battle the current horde that is on your screen, but you also want to plan ahead for the wave that is just about to be unleashed.

One other really awesome aspect to the game is the intense boss battles. First time I encountered one of these I messed it up real bad because I was just in awe of the thing. But these do add a great deal of variety to the game and it can be really exhausting when you have spent a while taking down the regular hordes of enemies to then have to battle a boss.

I will fully admit that I am not the biggest fan of tower defense games, but this one is certainly one of the best. I am sure for a skilled player you can have some real fun with this game and get really strategic But for less skilled players like myself the game is more than fair that you can sort of fumble your way through it and have a great time while you are doing so. At under a buck this game is well worth the download.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store