This is a continuation of iPhone Apps That Can Make You Smarter.

Brain Tuner X

Brain Tuner X is an app that is designed to make people of any age smarter. Players call it a “very addictive” game that’s “lots of fun!” However this app doesn’t look too promising. Some of the exercises designed to improve brain functions are just adding questions. Brain Tuner X also doesn’t have any notable mentions in magazines or TV shows.

You can download this app for free here here.

Brain Fit 2

This app claims has over 90 brain exercising levels. It is free and offers two in-app purchases of $.99 and $1.99 for additional levels. When compared to Lumosity or Fit Brains Trainer, it falls very short.

You can download Brain Fit 2 for free here.

Brain School Training

Brain School Training comes with twenty completely different brain games as well as 100+ levels of “puzzle mayhem.” It improves brain function through games such as Plastic Puzzle, Music Lessons, Roman History, Magic Hats and Shape Maths.

This app also has a linear approach. Because if you can pass all of the levels and games you graduate from “Brain School.”

You can start your Brain School admission process by downloading it here.


This is a simple anagram game that is highly addictive. You have to solve anagrams that are anymore from six to ten letters long. In addition to making you smarter it also improves your performance in Scrabble, the Jumble, cryptic crosswords and countdown. Not to mention that it is also really effective at improving spelling and vocabulary.

You can download this free app here.

Conundra Math

This app is the math version of “Conundra.” It combines numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to get a target number. You have to use mental arithmetic to solve the puzzles and keep your brain’s functions top-notch.

You can download this free app here.

Left VS Right Unlimited

This app helps connect your left brain and right brain by matching written colors and perceived colors. Left VS Right Unlimited also comes with four game modes: Classic, Mismatch, Math and Memory.

You can download it for free from here. 

Einstein Brain Trainer Free

This app is the free version of the paid Einstein Brain Trainer HD version. Even Einstein Brain Trainer is really premium though. It comes with 30 specially designed exercises to stimulate the brain, and the user interface is well designed.

You can get this free app from here.