If you share a computer with other iPod users, you will want to be able to each use your iPod on the computer so you can keep your music and apps separate as long as have different restriction levels and preferences for each iPod. One way to do this is to set up individual user accounts on your computer so you can each have your own space. That will give you each your own iTunes library and sync settings.

Another way to use multiple iPods on one computer is to set up multiple iTunes libraries. While you will share the same user account, the libraries will keep your data separate. You won’t be able to have separate parental controls, however you will at least each be able to manage your own libraries.

You can create separate playlists for each iPod in order to keep just the music you want on your iPod and allowing the other iPod users the same opportunity. All you have to do for this is to create your own playlist and have your iPod sync to that.

You can use multiple iPods on one computer is to use the iOS management screen to manage each iPod. All the data, setting and preferences will be mixed up that way, however if you don’t mind sharing, then this is an option to still be able to use a number of iPods on one computer.