FaceTime is simple to use, although you can only use it with other FaceTime users. All you need is the other person’s phone number or FaceTime email address and then add them to your contact list. From that point, you can click on the green phone icon as if you were going to place a call. Then, open the contact you want to spend FaceTime with and click on the FaceTime icon. When that person answers the call, you will see their face on your screen. To end the FaceTime app, just lick “End” when you are finished.

If FaceTime isn’t activating, turn it on and then back off by going to Settings, FaceTime to do this. Also, make sure your iPhone 5 is set to the right date and time as sometimes if it isn’t it will create problems for the FaceTime platform to work correctly. You might also want to restart your iPhone 5 before trying to activate FaceTime again.