Whenever you download apps through iTunes, you could be wasting space because of how iTunes works and soon your computer can begin lacking space it needs for other data and operations.   This is why it’s important to delete apps you are no longer using. To do this, open iTunes and open the Apps icon in the library sidebar and then select the apps you want to delete. At that point you can hit the Delete key on your computer’s keyboard and then click on Yes when prompted to remove apps. If you have removed a large amount of apps, especially games that take up the most space, empty your recycle folder and restart your computer.

Another way to remove items from iTunes so you can reclaim lost hard drive space on your computer is to remove old backups. To do this, go the iTunes menu can click on Preferences and then Devices. From that point you can choose the backup you want to and choose the Delete Backup button. To be on the safe side, always keep your most recent backup, but you don’t need older backups that do nothing more than take up space.