If you have a new iPod that you are going to take outside your own home, you might be concerned about it being stolen. If you use some common sense and remain aware of what you are doing with your iPod though it should stay safe. Obviously you will want to keep it close to you and if you can attach it to your clothing or keep it safely tucked away in your pocket or purse that is going to be best your best bet.

Another way you can help keep your iPod from getting stolen is to replace the earbuds because everyone knows if they see white Apple earbuds that you have an iPod, where if you have different colored earbuds it is harder to tell what you might be carrying around with you.

Avoid leaving your iPod sitting out, such as on the table at the mall because that makes it too easy for a passerby to quickly grab it if you aren’t looking. It takes some diligence to remember to keep your iPod secure and not leave it vulnerable with theft, but as you get used to protecting it, you will create a habit and not have to think about it so much.