It is possible to integrate all of your social networks into your iPad Contacts list so you can easily reach them and this includes your gmail contacts and contacts you have in Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

To integrate your Gmail contacts into the contact list on your iPad, you will need to export your Google contacts from the Google web app and then import them into your iClouds account. To do this, click on your Contacts in Gmail and then choose the More tab and then choose Export. After that choose which format you would like to create your export file as and save the file somewhere easy to access such as your desktop.

When you have completed the export process of getting your emails into a file from Gmail, you can then go ahead and complete the import process. To do this, log into your iCloud account through and click on contacts and then choose the settings gear and click on “Import vCard” and import the exported file into iCloud.

The, to integrate your iCloud contacts into the contact list on your iPad, tap on the Settings app from your Home screen and then touch the iCloud tab and make sure it’s swiped to “On”, that will automatically sync contacts to your iPad.

To get Facebook contacts integrated into your contact list in iPad make sure you have the most up to date version of the Facebook app running on your iPad and then start it up and login to your Facebook account. When you are logged in, tap the left hand corner to get into your Facebook options and then choose “Friends”, tap the action button in the top right hand corner and then choose Sync Contacts.

To get Twitter contacts integrated into your contact list in iPad, download the Twitter app and look for Twitter Settings in your Settings App. When you find it, touch the Update Contacts buttons to get Twitter information for your contacts put into your iPad contacts list.

To get LinkedIn contacts integrated into your contact list in iPad, download the official LinkedIn app from the App Store and then login to your LinkedIn account. From that point, touch the You icon and then the gear icon in  the upper right hand corner of the screen. After that, touch the Download Connections tab and make sure that the Download connections is turned to ON and then choose Download Now.