If you are worried about losing your iPod 5th Generation, there are a few ways you can help make sure it gets recovered. One of the best ways is with a free app that you can get at iTunes called “I’m Lost”, or the iRewardU that allows you to create a custom wallpaper that will give whatever information you want, such as your email address along with an offer of a reward to return your iPod. These work for all Apple devices as well. This is a great solution because your wallpaper will show up even if your iPod is locked.

Another way to help people find you if you lose your iPod 5th generation is to create an “AAA If Found” contact in your address book. You can put an email address or other contact information in that contact so that someone will know how to contact you. You might not want to put in too much information though, just in case it falls into the wrong hands. Listing an email address or phone number should be enough without providing your home address. The AAA is to make sure that this is the first contact that someone would see if they were searching your iPod for a contact number.