Creating your own custom ringtones for your iPhone is easy with iTunes, and it’s free! All you have to do is open iTunes and pick the song or audio file you want to use from your iTunes library and right click on the song to choose “Get Info”. When the Get Info window opens, choose the Options tab so you can set the song to the starting and stopping points you want to use for your ringtone. You can only have thirty seconds, but you can choose any point in the song or audio file to start the thirty seconds you want to use for your ringtone.

When you’ve set the starting and stopping time for your new ringtone, right click on the song again and choose “Create Apple Lossless Audio File” to make iTunes create a new file from the thirty seconds of the song or audio file you’ve set as your ringtone. From that point you will see a new file come up next to the original file you started with. When you see that new file, right click on that and choose “Show in Finder” or “Show in Windows Explorer” for Windows computers.

When the new file shows up, rename it as a .m4a or .m4r file extension, but don’t change the entire name. After you have an .m4a or .m4r file, delete the other new file. When you do that, iTunes will ask you if you want to put the song in Trash or keep it in iTunes, choose “Keep File”. You can then double click on the .m4a or .m4r file and it will automatically save to your iTune’s Tone library.

When the ringtone file has been saved to your iTunes Tone library, connect your iPhone to your computer and select the “Tones” tab in the iPhone section of iTunes. When the Tones section opens, choose “Sync All Tones” and then “Sync”.  This will save the new tone to your iPhone so you can choose Settings, Sounds, Ringtone and set the new ringtone as your default or text message tone.

If you don’t always want to go through iTunes to create new ringtones for your iPhone, you can use a variety of apps that are built to help you create ringtones. Pimp Your Sound and Ring Tones #1 are both free apps. Ringtone Maker has a free version or an upgraded version for $1.99.  Ringtone Director is $4.99.

Source iDownloadBlog