If you never use the Newsstand app, you might not appreciate the icon taking up space on your home screen. Unfortunately, this is one App that Apple won’t allow you to delete because they make more money by offering it as a permanent app than they do by charging the app owners for including it as a temporary one. Since the app is installed as a folder, you also can’t just move it into a folder either. However, there is a quick fix you can use that will hide the app from the home screen.

In order to get rid of Newsstand on your iPhone, you need to download StifleStand and this is available for MAC or Windows based computers. When Stiflestand has been downloaded, you can connect your iPhone to your computer and wait for Stiflestand to recognize your iPhone. When you see that it has, you will see a folder called “Magic”. Rename that folder and you can add Newsstand into that folder. That’s it!