With the new iPhone 5S and iPad Air having been released in the past two months, the price of older generation iDevices has significantly dropped. People are also crazed about selling their older devices as fast as possible to raise funds for buying the newest phone on the market.

Since a lot of people are rushing to sell their phones and iPads, now is a perfect time for you to snag an amazing deal. With a little time and effort you should be able to purchase an iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S or older iPad at 60-70% of the price its worth.


A lot of people who sell their devices are educated about how much their worth and won’t just give them up for dirt cheap. However, there are people out there that don’t know any better. I know a friend that saw a 40″ TV lying on the curb. When he asked the owner if he could take it, the owner retorted “Yeah you can take it, but it’s broken. The HMDI port doesn’t work.” It turns out the HDMI port could be fixed for around $50, and even without the port, the TV was still worth $500+.


Suckers are born every single minute. If you can find one of these suckers on Craigslist then hat off to you. Actually, it’s not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when. Within two weeks of emailing at least 10 people with your offer, you should be able to secure an iPhone or iPad deal.


There are a lot of hidden gems on eBay. A lot of people that don’t know how to use it will start their bidding at one cent, and put only stock images of an iPhone up. Buyers then think that the stock images indicate the seller is a fraud and has no good images of the phone.


Smart buyers will come in and bid $10-50 for the phone even though there are no images up. If the bidding completes at $50 and an iPhone is worth $200+, the seller has to sell it unless if they want to risk negative feedback. So always watch out for listings on eBay and bid on ones you think you can win.

If you want to win a popular listing with a lot of bids, look into bid sniping software or snipe manually. Just make sure you’re not breaking any rules, and remember we can’t be responsible for your actions.

Friends and Family

Ask your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vine and any other social network if they are selling an iPhone or iPad. Don’t forget to ask them via the most advanced social network as well: life. Life can be a great way to get you connected with someone who is interesting in selling an iDevice. Call up grandma Clarice or nephew Billy and see how they’re doing. Excite them about the new iPhones on the market and make them feel crappy about their current iDevice. This way, they will let you take their old phone off their hands for $50-100.

You think that’s going a bit too far for an iPhone? People have sold babies before for iPhones before.


There are some really cool Facebook groups out there which are created for people interested in buying and selling iPhones. However, the only downside to them is that they are way riskier than eBay or Craigslist. eBay comes with buyer protection and Craigslist comes with face to face business. Deals created over Facebook come with absolutely nothing.