An iPhone web clip is a shortcut to a website you can create that will show up as an icon on your iPhone’s home screen. Then, when you tap the icon it will open up the website that you created the clip for. To make one, browse to the website or webpage that you want to have a clip of and tap the Action Box. This box is the square with the arrow coming out of it that shows up at the bottom center of the web browser window.

When you tap on the Action Box, you will see where you can Add to Home Screen. Tap that button and then you will be able to edit the name of the clip and then tap Add. After you have gone through those steps and return your Home screen, you will see where the web clip is. To delete an iPhone web clip, tap and hold on the clip icon until it starts to shake as this will make a red x to show up. Just tap that x and confirm that you are deleting the clip.