If you want to print from your iPad, the easiest way to do it is if you have an Airprint enabled printer. Just about any top name brand who manufactures printers has Airprint enabled such as Cannon, Xerox, Hewlett Packard and Lexmark. If you don’t have a printer with Airprint enabled, then you can use a printer that is Wi-Fi enabled. Many of the same printer brands have these Wi-Fi enabled printers.

When you have a printer that is Airprint or Wi-Fi enabled, all you need to do to print is to choose the “print” option in your iPad and it will pre-populate to the available printers. You can then choose which printer you want to use to print the data you want hard copies of.

Many newer printers have free apps that you can also download to use to connect your iPad to a printer. To find out if the printer you want to use has an app available, just do a search using the printer’s brand name and then “app for iPad”, such as “Hewlett Packard app for iPad”. Once you download the app, just follow the instructions and you will be printing in no time.