While many new cars have iPod docks that allow you to just plug your iPod into your car to play your music through the car’s speakers quickly and easily, many older model cars don’t have that option. If you have a vehicle that doesn’t have a built in dock, you can still connect your iPod to your car though in order to enjoy your music and there are several options on how to do that.

One way to connect your iPod to your car is through an FM modulator. This device will use a cable to connect from the car’s modulator into your iPod’s headphone jack. These are in the twenty to thirty dollar range for the best ones. Another device you can use to hear iPod music through your headphones is a cassette adapter. These have better quality sound than FM modulators and don’t depend on radio frequencies, yet are right around the same price. They look just like a cassette with a small cable you can use to plug in your iPod.

There are two other methods you can use to connect your iPod to your car in order to play music through the speakers and they both include running a line. One is a line in connection to the car’s radio and the other is a line into through the CD changer. Both of these methods are more costly and can cost from $25 to $100 or up for the parts and then additional labor costs for a mechanic to hook up the connection.