If you want to connect your iPad to your TV there are several different methods you can choose from. The easiest, but most expensive way is to use Apple TV. Because it is wireless, Apple TV can easily work with just about any television set in order to stream apps, watch Netflix movies, YouTube or movies you’ve downloaded from iTunes. It also allows you to use display mirroring. This technology replicates the iPad’s display onto your TV.

If you don’t want to spend the money for Apple TV, you can connect your iPad to your TV through HDMI. When you use a digital AV adaptor you can then use display mirroring just like Apple TV uses. This way you can see apps on your TV even if the app doesn’t support video output, such as Hulu Plus. Home sharing is another way to watch movies from your iPad on your TV.

Another method you can use to connect your iPad to your TV is to hook up the iPad through composite or component cables. This works best if your TV doesn’t support HDMI. This type of connection doesn’t support display mirroring, but will work for apps such as Netflix and YouTube. The quality of the picture isn’t as good, but you can still enjoy the experience of watching movies and other videos on a bigger screen.

It is also possible to connect the iPad to your TV with a VGA adapter, if your television set has a VGA input. The VGA adaptor will support display mirroring, but it won’t transfer the sound. You can still use your iPad speakers for the sound while watching whatever you want to on the larger TV screen.

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