If you want to make sure that your child stays safe while using your iPad, and that no additional charges are gained, then taking a few minutes to make some adjustments in the settings is the best way to feel comfortable about your child using the iPad unsupervised. Remember that anything you turn off, you can turn back on for your own use, so you aren’t going to miss out on anything by childproofing. The best place to start is by turning on restrictions which will determine what apps are allowed on the iPad. To do this, tap on Settings, General and then scroll down until you see Restrictions. You will then need to enter a four digit password so you can reset this later for your own use.

Some parents prefer to disable Safari, YouTube and FaceTime. Instead of disabling YouTube, you can set age restrictions so your children can only see videos that have child friendly ratings. Turning off app downloads and in app purchases are also two considerations if you think your child might try to download inappropriate apps or accidently make in app purchases. Or, you can set up an app allowance which will allow children to make purchases, but only for an approved amount.