The latest iOS 7 allows you to bookmark and share map locations from your iPhone by using your iCloud account. To do this, tap on the bookmarks icon to display your current bookmarks so you can view, edit or delete them. Then, to add a new bookmark, just search for the location you want to bookmark and share and drop a pin on the map, or click on an existing pin and choose the “I” icon for additional information.

After you have tapped on the “I” icon to get more information from the pin you set or tapped on, select “Add Bookmark” to add the location to your bookmarks list. The bookmark will then show up on whatever devices you have that use iCloud, such as your iPhone and iPad.

You will also notice that the bookmark menu includes an option to show location information from your iCloud contact. Click on a contact to view the address information then select the address in order to view it on a map. You can also share it from that point as well.