If you are wondering how much to spend for an iPod Touch Second Generation, or want to share yours, then knowing how much it is worth is an important piece of information to make sure the iPod is priced fairly.  It’s important to factor in the condition of the iPod as the Second Generation edition is currently worth from $15 to $130. If it is like new, meaning no scratches on the screen, not jailbroken and is working properly, then $130 is not out of the question. However if the iPod is in poor condition including scratches on the screen, being jailbroken and having any type of operational issues, then it would be worth about $15 or $20.

If you are interested in buying or selling a specific iPod Touch Second Generation take some time to check out others that are on sale to compare pricing to see if the one in question is priced competitively to others in about the same condition.