As of May of 2013, over a 100 million iPod Touch units have sold since 2007. That number is growing steadily, especially with the release of the iPod Touch 5G 16 GB version. The iPod 5G Touch is the most current version to date and was released earlier in the fall of September, 2012. The 16 GB version was then released about the same time the announcement had been made about how many had sold in May, 2013.

Apple rarely announces quarterly sales information about their products, so the numbers can be hard to confirm to a precise number. However documents from a lawsuit that had been filed against Samsung in 2007 reported that 46.5 million iPod Touch models were sold in America as of the date that information was filed. This doesn’t account for the exact numbers throughout the rest of the world, or how many have sold in the United States since that data had been filed for the lawsuit. With this in mind though, it is easy to see that stating more than 100 million have been sold is realistic and perhaps a bit of an understatement.

Source MacRumors

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