Heroes and castles developed by Forsaken Media is a great castle defense game for the iPhone & iPad at $2. The aim of the game is simple defend your castle. Heroes and Castles is all about castle defense and strategy. While implementing a great source of action-RPG gameplay. You play as hero defending your castle walls from orcs and undead. Each summoner varies in strengths and weakness from warriors to mages. Graphic wise the game features high def 3D person perspective game style. As you play along your hero levels up and your skills/abilities enhance.

The game also allows for you to summon allies to fight alongside you, be it dwarves or giants. This is where the strategy based game come into play. Putting catapults etc all can help defend your castle walls if implemented correctly. Your castle alone can be upgraded with new towers and strengthened walls. Gameplay wise you actually set foot and run out into the battlefield to take out as many enemies as you can. You don’t simply sit back and watch them attack, your on the ground fighting along side your soldiers.

Heroes & Castles Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store


-Great 3D Graphics
-Great Upgrade System
-Multiplayer Mode

-Some levels are very difficult to pass w/o help from some allies or even In-App purchasing

The game on the new retina display just runs smooth. So much action is on going as you play. Control wise a nice digital analog is implemented in the bottom left of your screen while the right features your attack & defense buttons. Multiple UI overlays are spread throughout the game to show you all the relative information. Health bars, ally bars and much more show you all the stats you’ll need while fighting on the ground. The battlefield is just immense and has everything going on from soldiers fighting to gigantic catapults trying to defend or siege your castle.

As if single player isn’t enough the game also offers a great multiplayer mode. Fight along a random ally or a friend, game center allows you to track your scores and be posted on the leaderboards. The endless waves of undead only get better. As you progress throughout the action based rpg you get hordes of orcs, giants, siege wagons and so much more. Fight to the death alongside your valiant allies while you upgrade them and your defense system to progress further. A high quality tower defense taken to a new perspective. The best $2 you’ll spend in this category hands down. Heroes & Castles is available today for $2 be it iPhone or iPad.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store