Glow Fish HD Review

Glowfish HD Full by Mumbo Jumbo is definitely one of the best games I’ve played on my ipod this year.  Although this game was made for the iPad, you can definitely play it on the ipod without problems.  The objective of the game is for you, a cute semi-transparent blue-colored glowfish named Glowfish, to defeat the evil Dr. Urchin and save your girlfriend Coralline. You move around in the depths of the ocean looking for small sea creatures that once you touch will trail behind you. Some of these small creatures are in the hands of evil creatures that you can defeat, and the more friends you have following you around, the more powerful you have in fighting your enemies. Each level has one or more houses – safe havens that you can unlock and deliver your rescued friends to.

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In addition to small friends that trail behind you, you will meet what are called “Glow Chums” that will also stay in your immediate vicinity to assist you in various ways. You can only choose one Glow Chum to follow you at any one time. My favorite Glow Chum is Mustang the Seahorse. He hits larger enemies with his tail to reduce their size so that I can take them out more easily. Also, when some creatures use their tentacles to steal my trailing friends, Mustang will pull them free and return them to me.

What impresses me most about Glowfish Full are the stunning 3-D graphics and beautiful audio. Each level has a different ocean scene with amazingly rich colors that are very pleasing to the eye. The background music is relaxing to listen to, and can put you into a trance after a while. The audio and visual together will give you a dream-like experience. The game itself is more relaxing to play than most other games, as it’s not very difficult to progress through the levels.  Plus, you get unlimited lives so dying isn’t a problem.  In spite of the game not being very challenging, it can get very addictive depending on who plays it.  I got hooked over a month ago when I first started playing it.  Since then I’ve played daily, although I could only find a little bit of time for it as I’m busy with other stuff (like updating this site, and playing other games, such as Luxor 2 which is another game I’m addicted to playing at the moment).

If you like challenging games to stimulate your brain, then Glowfish HD Full probably won’t cater to your taste.  However, if you’re just looking to unwind after a hard day, or play a casual game for relaxation, then this game would be perfect for you.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store