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EyeTuner Photo Editor is an app that basically allows you to take pictures of someone’s face and then modify their eyes to look like a cat’s, wolf’s, Dracula’s, etc. After you add a set of eyes to your photo you can also adjust the size and rotation of them to maximize the realistic look.

EyeTuner is a free app, but for an extra $2.99 you can unlock all of the eye sets. If you share this app with your friends on Facebook, you can also get all of the eye sets for free.

After you’ve added your new eyes to your photo, you can share it with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and so forth. But one of the coolest features of this app is that you can send someone a physical 4×6 inch postcard of this image. It is printed and shipped anywhere in the world. So you can send this photo to a friend or family, and it’s really fun.

EyeTuner Photo Editor does have advertisements, but for an extra $.99 you can get rid of them. This is a great application; primarily because there no other app out there that compares to it. It’s a must have, and it’s free.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store